To ensure adherence to ASSHA Bylaws for sports identified as 'Premier Sports':
1. Under 19 at Jan 1 of current year.
2. 80% enrolled at school.
3. Teams strictly to adhere to the new to school limits.
4. Previous Schools now have two options available to them: a) Authorise a Premier Transfer without conditions allowing a student to play immediately. b) Request the transfer be supported by signing of statutory declarations by receiving school, student and parents. Stand downs for entire seasons will now only occur where an investigation by College Sport reveals poaching has occurred or statutory declaration forms requested by the previous school are not completed.
5. No more than two overseas players in a Premier team.
1. Registration:
a. Who's required to fill one out? Any team playing in the top grade of competition (eg Premier, Open A, First Grade) for sports listed in the 'Premier Sports' table. Please ensure as well as reading the following summary notes, that you read the relevant ASSHA Bylaws (Section D: 10.4 to 10.15 inclusive).

b. Schools must have the Premier Team Registration Form to College Sport at least one week before competition commences for winter sports and at least before the second week of games for summer sports. If the competition is administered by a regional sports organisation, you are still required to fill out the College Sport registration form in addition to anything they require.

c. The registration of additional players to the team registration form must be done through completing an Additional Player form to be submitted electronically to the Chief Executive or delegate at least 3 days before competition and will only be approved in exceptional circumstances (eg Severe injury supported by medical certificate or where a student has left the school) or where the maximum squad size has not been exceeded (including new to school limits/overseas player limits).
d. The penalty for a team being unregistered is forfeiture of all points gained in games in which the offence took place, until the registration form is received.
2. Premier Transfers:
Please note these only apply to students transferring between ASSHA member schools.
a.      In order for a transferring student to be eligible for ASSHA sanctioned Premier competition or events for his or her new School, the receiving school is responsible to initiate the Transfer Form process, a section of which is to be filled out by the school of origin and sent to the receiving school and College Sport office within 5 working days.
b.   Process for Premier Sport Transfer Forms
      Step 1:
Step 2:
Section A of the form must be completed by the ASSHA Receiving School Principal and then the whole form faxed to the School of Origin Principal and College Sport office at 09 8458497.
Step 3:
On receipt of a Premier Sport Transfer form the ASSHA School of Origin Principal completes Section B of the form and should fax the whole form within 5 working days to the Receiving School Principal and the College Sport office.
Failure to meet the timeline indicated will mean a School of origin loses the opportunity to challenge the transfer through the invoking of the statutory declaration requirement.
Step 4:
If an Origin School Principal chooses OPTION ONE then the ASSHA Chief Executive or delegate will sign Section C and the student will be eligible for Premier Grade competition on the date indicated.


If however, an Origin School Principal chooses OPTION TWO then the Receiving School Principal must complete and fax Statutory Declaration Forms 1, 2 and 3 (only logged on Sport Coordinators can access this document) within 5 working days to the School of Origin Principal and College Sport office.
Please note that the failure to submit completed Statutory Declaration Forms when requested or within the timeline indicated will result in the transferring student being stood down from Premier Sport for the entire season.

The Statutory Declaration forms are to be completed by a transferring student, receiving Principal and Parent or Guardian for a Premier transfer where the previous school has required them to do so under By-Laws 10.8.3, 10.8.4, 10.8.5, 10.8.7, 10.8.8 or 10.8.9 and have indicated this on the official College Sport Premier Transfer form. These forms must be completed and returned to both the College Sport office by fax (09 8458497) and Previous School (School of origin) by fax within 5 working days of receipt of the Premier Transfer Form indicating that the Statutory Declaration clauses are requested to be invoked. Failure to complete a requested Statutory Declaration will render a Premier Transfer invalid and an automatic season stand down will apply as per By-Law 10.8.4

Once Statutory Declaration forms are received by the College Sport office the ASSHA Chief Executive or Delegate will sign Section C making the transferring student eligible for Premier Grade competition on the date indicated or the dispute resolution procedure invoked as per SECTION E of the bylaws.

c.By-laws 10.8 through 10.15 inclusive to apply for Premier Transfers.
* Random monitoring of Premier teams by the Chief Executive or delegate may occur on the day of a game or event without notice.
* College Sport will continue to monitor Premier Boys Football and Rugby. Managers will be required to keep photographic identification of each team member from official school records on their person in case of random monitoring. Premier team lists of the two above codes will be posted on the College Sport website to aid self regulation by competing teams.
* The registration of additional players to the team registration form must be done through completing an Additional Player form to be submitted by fax to the Chief Executive or delegate at least 3 days before competition and will only be approved in exceptional circumstances 
* Deregistration of Premier Players will be permitted if the student has left school, has a serious injury (3 weeks or longer backed by a Doctors Certificate) or there are other exceptional extenuating circumstances. Lack of form is not a legitimate reason for deregistration. A premier player deregistration form must be completed, signed by the principal and faxed to the College Sport office. An additional replacement new to school player can be registered with College Sport once confirmation of the deregistration is received from the College Sport office and as long as the replacement player registration does not exceed new to school limits or overseas player limits for that code.
4. Protests
Concerns relative to the eligibility of a player on a competing team shall be presented, when discovered, to the Principal for investigation. A protest or request for investigation of eligibility may be filed in writing with the appropriate sports body or ASSHA Chief Executive.
*Breaches of the new to school limits will be viewed seriously and Penalties described in Section D -10.15 will apply.


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